MÁGATA is a succession of puzzle pieces starting with my grandmother Agata and our shared and strong passion for textiles and colour, as a medium for expression, fun, and magic.
My grandmother was unquestionably stylish, dressing elegantly like it was the most natural thing on Earth. I never saw her leaving the house without heels and makeup, even when she was in her nineties. I can easily say that everything I know about fashion – the history, the various properties of textiles, as well as what to wear and how to wear it – comes from her.

Whenever she wanted something added to her wardrobe, she would take me with her to the seamstress’ boutique – a place that almost doesn’t exist anymore. We’d enter, sit in a magical living room – often with other women – and instantly be offered a tea. With the tea came the talking, and only afterwards, once everything was spoken about, could the measuring and styling begin. I remember entire afternoons spent like this, watching this ritual with wide eyes.

It was through these sessions that Agata taught me the value of craft. Pieces that are dreamed up and designed with a person in mind can be cherished forever, with their owner aware of how they are made, with what, and by whom. The care that has gone into them is implicit, and they won’t be forgotten or wasted. For my grandmother, it was always quality over quantity.

The idea for MÁGATA came to me in 2020 whilst I was in the Mediterranean, closer to the sea and the sky. I had been working as a designer in the fashion industry for the last five years, and become increasingly concerned with its throwaway culture; the low standards of quality, and lack of affordable alternatives. By the sea, I gathered my childhood memories and beliefs, and I understood that I wanted to begin my own venture against fast fashion, creating slow designs – influenced by my love for nature, culture and travelling – and connected with my roots.

Through my grandmother and my work, I had come to believe that sustainable fashion is about the way you wear your personal belongings, and how these should adapt to you, instead of the opposite. And that clothes can be produced with love and compassion for the people and for our sister, the Earth.

MÁGATA creates elegant and sustainable pieces. They are crafted using only natural materials, with simple designs that can be worn from season to season. In this way, MÁGATA preserves the ideas that Agata herself gave me; locally made, by hand, and with care.


P.s. in case you are asking yourself, in Sicilian dialect, MÁGATA means "enchanted" and it is also a blend of my name – Marina – and my grandmother's Agata. It's a reminder for everyone to follow our roots, our femininity, memories, and magic.