We already produce much more than we actually buy, and we consume much more than we really need.

At Mágata we believe that this system is no longer sustainable because it leads to consume resources without producing something actually useful. Besides, it is no longer ethical because we do not know how and who makes the things we buy. 

Our collections start off with pre-sales and then are produced in a small amount of stock.
Here’s why:

Better quality –
Pre-orders give us time to control the production in loco as well as its quality,  and this results in better products. Also, by eliminating the cost of remaining inventory we are able to offer more accessible prices since the beginning.

Less waste 
The world is full of unwanted fashion garments that have been produced and never used. Let us not contribute to that, but instead starting to listen to people and to the needs they really have.

Honouring time – 
We look up to our territory and the people who work with us. S
ustainability means to carefully look at our surroundings, and to be aware of the impact of our actions – both on a social and environmental level. By collaborating with Italian artisans, we support local businesses and communities. We remain faithful to a time-honoured process – as a welcome change to mass production and towards a slower approach to life.

Local production –
Mágata Studio is a start-up, and all of pattern cutting and sewing is done by four fantastic artisans: Paola, Eleonora, Stefano and Sara. As for the concept, design, logistics – and general running of the business – we do everything from our Studio.
Thanks to pre-orders we cut down on outsourcing, and stay true to the ethos of the brand.

Limited editions 
In our designs we integrate fabric scraps and leftovers and we also source dead-stock materials.

The result is limited editions and a few unique pieces.

We launch new drops every 2 months and start the pre-orders. Once the launching time is over and your orders are received, we take 6-8 weeks for production.

We produce +10% on top of our pre-orders, and keep these extra items available in our online shop at a fair and higher price.

N.B. You will find all needed information in the product page, before placing your order. Current lead-times will be also shown in the announcement bar.

Collections might change from time to time – so, if you fall in love with something, be quick!

Thank you for supporting our pre-order system :)