"Mágata was born out of memories of scents, colours and textures, growing up next to the sea and the sky of the Mediterranean. There was the Zagara flower, the pale blue of the morning; the white-hot sand at midday, and the indigo sea at dusk."

At Mágata Studio we explore the distinctive qualities of natural textiles, connecting ourselves to the elements through the clothes we wear.

By using sustainable practices and a transparent creation process, we seek to inspire respect and curiosity towards the materials used and the people involved – all the while nurturing and healing our environment.

We favour undyed fabric, reducing the use of colorants, and celebrate the beauty and imperfection of nat­ural textures, experiencing them in their purest form.

Without the boundaries of seasonality, we design unique pieces that calm the spirit and allow the soul to express. Effortless and long-lasting, they open a dialogue about naturalness, femininity and the lightness of being.

Limited capsules are the result of our approach. Our collections are made to be expanded – slowly – not replaced.

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