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Linen: We love linen because it comes from flax, one of the most sustainable raw materials that exists.  It receives no additional irrigation as rain water is sufficient and uses very little to no pesticides or other chemicals to thrive.  Every part of the plant is used resulting in zero waste.  Our linen is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified.  The flax is grown in the Flanders region (France, Belgium, Netherlands) and sent to a carbon neutral certified weaving mill in Belgium. 

Cotton: We do not use any non-organic cotton.  Organic cotton is grown from non-GMO seeds, free from pesticides and chemicals, improves conditions for farmers, contributes to healthier soil, and requires less water and energy to produce than conventional cotton. All the cotton yarn that is used in our fabric, lining fabric, woven logo labels, care labels, and twill tapes are GOTS-certified.

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