Vegetable tanned leather and care

Leather is a living and natural material. A well-treated leather can become even more beautiful and unique over time.

All the leather we use is vegetable tanned and coming from production's left overs.

Vegetable tanning is a tanning process made exclusively from natural materials. This rather firm leather is not treated with synthetic finishes, making it more delicate and prone to slight scratches. The shade of a vegetable tanned leather evolves over time, and this is its beauty! The patina slowly darkens due to the exposure to light. We advise against treating the leather with waterproof products which could stain the leather irremediably. 

In case of rain, let it dry in the open air - without sources of artificial heat like radiators or hair dryers - putting silk paper inside to ensure the product keeps its original shape. Dark or vibrant suede colours may stain clear clothing if placed in close contact. On the other hand, dark clothes (such as raw jeans) may rub off on Suede. Moisture increases the color migration.

Prolonged exposure to a strong light source (sun or artificial light) may alter the color of the leather in time. That's we advise you to put your product in its dust bag when you are not using it.

For better results, we also advise that you stuff your bag with paper so that it keeps its original shape. Close zips and avoid damp areas.

To soften the scratches and small marks of everyday life, we recommend that you moisturise it with a special nourishing cream leather that you can easily find in a shoemaker. Do not hesitate to bring your product to a specialist to ask for the cream most suitable for your bag. 

Enjoy your bag! It's alive!

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