Some might say this isn’t the best timing, but isn’t that always the case with inspiration? Usually I just roll with it. Life is a journey.

I’ve also found that one big advantage of lockdown (few though they are!) is having a lot of extra time to dedicate to projects. I’ve decided to make the most of it, and have come to believe that now is a time of action.

We urgently need sustainable solutions, not only in how we source our energy, but also in the spheres of culture and design.
This has weighed heavily on my mind in the last year and I have looked at my own actions, asking how they benefit the environment and what I can do to help. So that’s what this project is: my contribution to a sustainable future.

Of course, when I started I thought it would be easier, and faster. But when you make pieces that celebrate slowness, it feels wrong to expect everything to happen at once. Plus, I’m a designer, and still need to learn a lot of the processes involved in managing a business. But yes – as of now, the website is live, and after intensive months of work, we are officially launching our first collection!
We will start with a small stock and then go on with pre-orders, which allows us not to get overwhelmed, prepare your things in time, and most importantly of all, not overstock.

The adventure is beginning. The website is up, the collection is beautiful!


Marina xxx

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