Designed to be closer to the sea and the sky.

The gentle touch of natural fibres on your skin.

Long lasting unique garments that calm the spirit and let your soul express. They will help you feel connected to nature, everywhere you are.

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Our pieces

Comfortable adaptive garments, made of natural, beautifully ageing materials

Our capsule collections are made to be expanded – slowly – not replaced

100% Hemp – Linen – Cotton

mágata ready to wear no season collection hemp denim unisex jacket
Mágata Studio ready to wear collection 2022 hemp linen organic cotton women essentials

We produce only limited quantities to minimizing the waste, and also work through pre-orders.

we make things locally / with petroleum-free materials

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The work of artisans

A travel to explore the Mediterranean handcrafted tradition. MÁGATA STUDIO connects you to the time-honoured process that creates unique items.

Mágata handmade by Italian artisans